Viernes 15th.November.2014 6:45 PM 

I am still alive

my computer got hacked

you can always email me

or you can talk to me through instagram @miwicle

will try to get back to you soon

Love ya allll

Sabado 21st.January.2014 9:03 PM 

OMG does she even exist?

Helloo people.. I know it's been the longest departure ever.. and some people think I am dead already...

I was trapped in the past and the present.

and do you remember the dream of my dear brother?

yes there was an interpretation to the dream..

Things have changed....

& I am soooooooooooooooooo




I am scared to the point that every time I think of it, my stomach hurts and I feel so dizzy.

& I got a new job offer.. The working hours are the longest, the place of it is so far away, & the salary is way too less than my expectation! yet, the work environment is encouraging the staff to develop themselves to their fullest potential... & the people there are welcoming unlike the people of my current work environment... I will also get the chance to be a manager, which is challenging. hmph.... am I supposed to let this opportunity slip away from my hand?! mmm is it ok to turn down this job? I had to attend two panels of 6 managers.. and I passed all the tests.. and they seemed to like my personality, and I liked them and all... & when I weigh the positives and negatives, I start to shake!

Dear God, I am scared.. & I am so confused... The decision is tough. Show me which path is the path of glory :p

Sabado 20th.July.2013 9:03 PM 


:) Hello Dear Ancient Visitors of whom my Heart Loves so much..................

مبارك عليكم الشهر الكريم

الله يعينكم على صيامه وقيامه وتلاوة القرآن فيه

والله يبلغكم ليلة القدر ويعتق رقابكم من النيران

ويستجيب لدعواتكم ويجعلكم من أهل فردوسه

لين الحين ما بديت اتابع برنامج معين.. اللي عنده اقتراح يا ليت يطرشلي عل ايميل

Missing you a lot. Can't believe that this blog survived for 12 years. & I am still the same, enjoying doing the same old stuff... I do believe that after 10-50 years *If I live until then* I will be the same with the same thoughts *perhaps I will be wearing Tweety shirt* It makes me happy and I am not changing my habits to please others.

Once upon a time a colleague told me "what about your prestige"

I do not care as long as I have clear targets and ambitions to achieve. So, there are many obstacles on the path which I decided to walk on.. you know, usually this path is not always as we imagined it would be! & Tweety makes the atmosphere lighter...



The reason why I don't add regular entries is that I think it's time for the accomplishments to speak! no time to post everything about myself... There is a crowd in my head that is so loud, & the adventure I am on is not so easy, & it seems to irritate everyone!

In my journey, I surround myself with the companions who are compassionate and trust-worthy.. they provide advice and help without judging and blaming...

Yep, why do you think I chose MIRACLE to be the domain name? it is because I strongly believe in MIRACLES... I do believe that the impossible is possible.. and I do believe in the things that are beyond one's expectations... & I am not so brave. I am a coward creature. Yet, I don't give up



for the imagination

It means no worries for the rest of your days..

I can hardly find time to read, & there are so many books out there waiting for me to hold. However, I try my best not to forsake reading, because I am always in search of inspiration, & books expand my horizons.

I do encourage everyone to READ. read the books that appeal to your taste..

or read about a certain topic that makes you curious.  JUST READ.

or READ to LEARN......... read to understand why everything seems so crazy these days?! who is right and who is wrong... How history repeats itself!

Best believe that by reading, you will feel happier and the weary soul of yours will be stronger and lighter. Reading is a session of relaxation and massage for the mind ^_^

I am so proud of the Emirati writers for the books they publish. I will inshaAllah, mention them in my next coming posts.



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